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Who do you know who’d love some help in the realm of finances and wealth strategy?

Your sister wondering about her family’s future, your friend with an inheritance she’s keen to put to work, or colleague who wants her investments to reflect her environmental values?

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Can't wait to get some fresh financial insights at this online wealth training for women on 19th February. Check it out

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I just registered for One of Many Wealth Insights - an online workshop for women on all things money: how to make it, manage it and make an impact with it. Who else could do with sorting some money stuff? See you there!

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Subject: Do you need some Wealth Insights?


I just registered for this online seminar today and thought of you:

It's a jargon free workshop into what keeps some of us women stuck around money, what millionaire women do differently, and how you can take simple practical steps to get free of money worries.

It's run by Dr Jo Martin, an incredible educator and successful business woman in her own right (you can see all details about her on the page). She's going to share:

  • Why the "do what you love and the money will follow" thing is a huge, dangerous myth. What we can learn from the poorest of the poor to apply in our daily life to unleash wild abundance.
  • The natural advantages women have in their approach to money and why Lloyds Bank research shows we make better long term financial decision makers.
  • The 5 Soft Power Archetypes we can use as we play the money game, so that we don't burn out, get divorced or give up!
  • The 3 biggest excuses we use every day to hold us back from our financial power, the truth behind them and how to effortlessly transform them.
  • What it really takes to make as much money as you need and want without selling your soul, burning out, or running yourself ragged, all from someone who's done it herself.
  • And a lot of other great-sounding stuff you can see on the webpage.

I'll be there- so check it out and come join me.


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