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Who do you know who'd love some help to kickstart their energy and wellbeing? 

A friend who's confessed her nightly glass of wine has turned into 2 (or 3), a colleague who's running on caffeine to keep going, a family member who's struggling with pain and exhaustion, and is at their wits end with how to cope...

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Can't wait to discover a different approach to health and wellbeing at this online training for women on 19th November. Check it out

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I just registered for One of Many Unlock your vitality - an online workshop for women to help you unlock your authentic motivation and find your personal path to health. Who else could do with unleashing their energy and wellbeing? See you there!

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I just registered for this workshop today and thought of you:

It's a very different approach to health, empowering women to take control of our wellbeing and discover our authentic motivation for change. The end of guilt tripping, self criticism and deprivation - about time!

It's run by Dr Jo Martin, an incredible educator and qualified medical doctor (you can see all details about her on the page). She's going to share:

  • The truth about your priorities and why you don't spend time where you know you should.
  • Why you know what you should be doing - but find every excuse not to do it.
  • Authentic motivation and why most of us are relying on a superficial version of it to get fit and healthy.
  • The concept of "worthiness" and learn why our society has us geared up to not take care of ourselves
  • The truth about what to take action on - and what goals you can let go of right now, with zero guilt.
  • What current research shows up about changing habits and behaviours and how to apply this to your wellbeing.
  • And a lot of other great-sounding stuff you can see on the webpage.

I'll be there - so check it out and come join me?


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