Life’s Little Toolkit:

Say no with grace to what you don’t want in your life – and get more of what you do.


Get 5 of the tools our community love the most, bundled up in one amazing toolkit for you to turn to whenever you need!

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Get Life’s Little Toolkit and:

  • Stop worry from getting in your way (and keeping you awake at night!)
  • Learn how to say no gracefully and set unshakeable boundaries
  • Become more powerful, effective, and fulfilled
  • Bring the 5 Women’s PowerTypes™ to life through music (by popular demand… we got asked for these so much and we are so happy to finally be able to share them!)
  • Know the step by step process that will save your sanity whenever you find yourself in overwhelm or panic mode (let’s face it, it happens to all of us from time to time)

We think women like you are amazing. And we know that having the impact you’re capable of is only possible when you’re not kept up at night by worry, dragged down by a million distracting tasks in your day... or sinking into a swamp of overwhelm.

That’s where these tried and tested tools come in. When life gets busy and you know you need to be putting your energy where it really matters, these tried and tested strategies will make all the difference – so you can have the true impact you’re here to make.

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These 5 gifts are our best-loved tools when it comes to living the life you want – and saying no to whatever’s getting in your way. Our community of women turn to them again and again, and now you can make them your secret weapons too.

- Dr Joanna Martin, Founder, One of many®


Gift #1

When you need to say NO…
Enough is Enough: How to Gracefully Set Unbreakable Boundaries

This nifty tiny book helps you to identify your boundaries, and shares 3 conversation scripts for how to set them with the people in your life, respectfully but firmly. Give yourself more time, brain space, and sanity.


Gift #2

When you’ve got way too much on your plate…
“The overwhelm first aid kit”.

This super useful 3 tool pack includes:

  1. A step-by-step guide for how to get yourself out of overwhelm in super-quick time
  2. A BRAND NEW workbook to apply the 10-step process simply and effectively
  3. A BRAND NEW printable checklist you can put on your wall as a handy reference any time it all becomes a bit too much.

Gift #3

When your busy brain just won’t switch off…
“How to stop worrying”.

This BRAND NEW free audio guide from our founder Dr Joanna Martin reveals the nature of worry, and a simple 4-step approach to minimise it. Included is a simple quiz to help you identify how big a worrier you are, and what to do about it.


Gift #4

When you want to step into to your Soft Power…
“Powerful, Effective, Fulfilled: A guide to the Women's PowerTypes™”

This BRAND NEW rocking little e-book is the first step on the journey to understanding the Women’s PowerTypes and why so many women find them transformational. Professionals, business owners, mothers, activists, team members- everyone! It’s a great companion to our Women’s PowerType profile tool and is a must have for anyone in our community. Print it out and reference it- often.


Gift #5

When it’s time to get up and move…
“Powerful, Effective, Fulfilled: A guide to the Women's PowerTypes™”

BRAND NEW. For years our clients have been asking us to compile a list of songs to enhance our work with the PowerTypes. We’ve finally done it. Use this list to set up your playlists, and experience the breakthroughs that come with embodying the PowerTypes.

Help yourself to these 5 Incredible Free Gifts now to increase your effectiveness, power and bring more fun into your life!

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