One Woman Conference

Find your courage. Be more effective. Lead powerfully.

LIVE IN LONDON, MAY 11-12, 2024

We can’t tell you how thrilled we are, that you are coming to the One Woman Conference!

The Essential Event for Professional Women.

Get ready to join over 400 of the brightest minds and warmest hearts in the UK, as committed and inspiring professional women come together for the 2023 One Woman Conference.

What to expect at your One Woman Conference

This training will be content packed. Much of it is workshop style, so that you can apply the lessons learnt each step of the way. Here is an overview of some of the content we will be covering:

Step One: Power

You will discover a new kind of power so that you can step up to the leadership you know you are capable of. A power grounded in collaboration, not competition. Co-operation, not coercion. Replenishment, not depletion. Discover momentum, without burning out.

Step Two: Platform

At One of many® we believe your abilities as a well-rounded leader are in proportion to your level of fulfillment in each of the foundational areas of life that matter to you. It’s hard to be inspiring when you can hardly get out of bed. It’s a challenge to focus on finishing a project with your love life in tatters.
You will take a holistic approach to building a strong “platform” upon which to stand as a leader.

Step Three: Peers

When women come together for a common purpose - they are unstoppable. And we need to rise above what the media and pop culture tells us about how groups of women behave. We know it’s not true. Without a network, when our platform gets shaky - we falter. With a strong network you’ve got the support you need. When you attend you will be welcomed by a group of incredible women, just like you, who want to make the world a better place- you’ll never have felt support like it. We’ll share the practice of “Conscious Network Design” so you have a beautifully architected network of support to draw on when times are tough.

Step Four: Progress

Having re-established your personal power, solidified your platform, and grown your network of peers- you are perfectly positioned for progress. You will identify a vision for your life so you can live each day with meaning and purpose. You will leave with a sense of the difference you were put on this planet to make, whether it be with your family, your work or your causes.

Unique Evening Session

This (optional but) highly recommended embodiment workshop is from 7:30-9:00pm on Saturday night. Don’t worry- it is not tiring, but a deeply nourishing way to finish they day. It will probably help you sleep better than you ever have! It’s called “Confidence and Charisma” and is designed to help you integrate, and expand on the work you do during session time. Led by the inimitable Susie Heath, you will reconnect to your power, and stand in your confidence and gravitas as a leader.

How to prepare for the conference

We will introduce you to most of the resources you will need at the training.

However, before we meet, it’s a good idea to give some thought to the vision you have for your life. Start wondering about the following questions:

  • If time and money were no object what would you be doing with your creative energy?
  • What difference do you want to make in the world?
  • What is the area of greatest challenge for you in your life right now?
  • What stops you from being the kind of leader you want to be in your workplace/community?

Please write down these thoughts so that you have them clear in your mind when you arrive.

What you should bring

Conference Materials

Please bring your own notebook. Now, this should not be any old notebook. In our experience when you have a nice new notebook that you’re proud of, it becomes a resource. It gets referred back to time and time again. You will value the lessons you wrote in it, and it will shape your future. It becomes sacred.

So we recommend that before the workshop, you invest in a precious, hard cover, bound notebook that can become a part of your own personal library in the future.

Please bring this along to the training to start creating your next chapter.

There will be short breaks throughout the day.


Food and Beverage: General Admission Ticket Holders

For General Admission ticket holders we are providing tea and coffee only at morning and afternoon break. Lunch and your evening meals are at your discretion. Meal options include a restaurant at the hotel, with many cafes and sandwich outlets within a 10-15 minute walk.

To save you rushing at lunch time, we highly recommend that you bring your lunch along with you, and enjoy networking on site with other guests.

Food and Beverage: Premier Ticket Holders

Premier Ticket Holders will be fully catered for in the exclusive Premier Lounge.

You will be fully hosted over the entire weekend and receive:
• A buffet style networking lunch both Saturday and Sunday
• Tea, coffee and snacks on both morning and afternoon breaks
• A full buffet dinner on the Saturday evening where you will be joined by Dr Joanna Martin for a Q&A and Laser Coaching session.

We will be in touch with a dietary questionnaire to ascertain your requirements and will do our best to cater for you. If you have anything particularly challenging, it may be an idea to bring along a few safe snacks. Otherwise we’ve got you covered all weekend. We’ll be emailing you separately about the other wonderful bonuses included in your Premier Ticket, so please watch out for that.

If you have a General Admission ticket and want to upgrade to the full Premier experience including meals please contact us here:

General Information

This event is held in London


Victoria Park Plaza
239 Vauxhall Bridge Rd,
Pimlico, London SW1V 1EQ

Ph: +44 (0) 333 400 6140

Event Details

Date: 11th-12th May 2024

Registration Time: Saturday 11th at 8:00 am

Please note: welcome morning coffee will be available in the Premier lounge for Premier ticket holders.

Conference Time:
Saturday 11th from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
(Recommended Saturday Evening Session: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm)

Sunday 12th from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
There will be short breaks throughout the day


If there is anything else that we can do to be of service, please call our office on 0203 355 6639 or email [email protected].

We look forward to meeting you personally at the One Woman Conference.


One of many®