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Living The Change is an

online transformational coaching program.

It's designed by women, for women who are ready to step into the new paradigm. A new way of being. Enjoying new results.

What does that mean? Glad you asked - read on….

Hosted by visionary coach, catalyst and medical doctor, Joanna Martin and supported by our awesome coaching and training team, you are going to be guided, step-by-step through a uniquely crafted journey.

You will rediscover YOU.

You will overcome old habits leading to exhaustion and burnout.  You will learn the tools to navigate in uncertain times.  To make powerful decisions. To prioritise yourself.

Find the confidence to stand up and be counted.  Find your place as part of the new wave of grassroots women leaders the world is calling for right now.

It's never too late.  You are never too young or old to make your difference.  Never too bold or too shy to have an impact.

This is your moment.


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 You'll also get free tools, resources and articles to help you make a bigger difference in the world without burning out.

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What is "The Change"?

And why should we be living it?

We are living through historic times

We face unprecedented levels of uncertainty daily, yet many of us can also feel the possibility of something completely new on the horizon...

We are collectively living through a "Paradigm Shift Moment".

Right now, as you read this…the world is changing fast.

Politics and laws, communities and businesses are changing.

Family units and personal belief systems are changing.

And yes… home interiors and waistlines are changing 😉

None of us knows for sure what's next.  We hope and pray it will be "better".  But will optimism and prayer be enough?  When you think about the huge challenges we face together- economic uncertainty, social uncertainty, health uncertainty - it's going to take more than hope to herald in the new systems we so clearly need.

It's going to require a completely new way of operating.  A new global paradigm.

Stepping into this new paradigm is THE CHANGE.

So how do we shift a global paradigm?

It starts with shifting the personal paradigm of enough, bold grassroots leaders.
Like you.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."


If you're steady in yourself
YOU will choose well.

If you're steady in yourself
YOU will demand more from our leaders.
You may become one of those leaders.

If you're steady in yourself
YOU will provide the safe space for the next generation to make empowering meanings from this moment.

Let's face it -
if YOU are steady in yourself you feel WAY better!

So those of us who care… we and you… need to move forward consciously. And if we are stuck in overwhelm, melt down or burn out- we are not going to be able to help ourselves, let alone make an impact for good.

So we are here to support you to
make and live the change.

Living the change is the difference between being a polite and tame you, or being confident enough to take a stand and ruffle some feathers for what you believe in.  Whether that's who does the laundry or who leads the country.

Living the change is the difference between flipping your lid and turning into Bitch-Mama while wrangling the kids into bed; or finding your centred loving self, even when it's tough.  A grounded mama shapes the next generation well.

Living the change is the difference between being overlooked, ignored or not seen; and being seen, heard and taken seriously. Whether that's by a lover, a boss or your local member of parliament.

Living the change is the difference between putting everyone else's needs before your own or recognising that prioritising you is the only path to sanity. How can we tend to the needs of others, or the planet, without tending to our own?

Sustained momentum starts here.

Who is Living the Change for?

CORPORATE LEADERS AND MANAGERS: this is for you if you want to make, or continue to make, a significant impact in your organisation without burning out or play the game the old way.

ENTREPRENEURS: join us if you're ready to gather your energy from all the billions of things demanding your attention, and focus it on those things that have the real power to accelerate the results you are seeing, without compromising your values.

ACTIVISTS: you need this if you can see, even feel, the brave new world but want to find a way of transforming the status quo that is less emotional, exhausting and personally depleting.

MOTHERS: you know that your every parenting choice is shaping the next generation, and feel the weight of the Mama-Guilt that this triggers! This is for you if you're ready to find a healthy relationship with being a Mama that balances your needs for space and sanity, with the love and attention you want to give your kids.

OR ANY WOMAN who is feeling an unspoken, unacknowledged, perhaps even unknown pain. It's the pain of being isolated from a community of deeply supportive women who have your back- even if they don't know you personally.

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Right now you may be on your knees.

Like many women who join our community, it could be that you are truly exhausted.  Unable to make a decision, feeling stuck, beating yourself up for procrastinating.  But perhaps it's not laziness.  Maybe you're just truly deplete.

Because you've spent the last however many years trying to be the version that everyone else wants.  The perfect mother.  The perfect employee.  The perfect partner.  The perfect woman.

And when you stop for a moment and take stock you wonder- "who am I really?"

"What do I really need and want?"

If that little question is bugging you - it's time to discover your true strengths and natural gifts.  It's time to nourish and unleash you - the real you.


Or perhaps you're doing 'fine'… most of the time

Perhaps, like the others in our community, you're actually good.  Solid even.  You on a good day is pretty damn amazing.  Maybe she's sassy, maybe she's serene; maybe she's nurturing, maybe she's independent; maybe she couldn't give a toss, maybe she's the perfect diplomat. It doesn't matter what your version of power is- on a good day- you're it, and you know it.

But then there's those other times you're not so proud of.  Every now and then a crazy person shows up and takes your place!

And if you think about "stepping up to more" you truly wonder whether you have it in you.

The voice of "Imposter Syndrome" kicks in and has a field day.  And you wonder if you could really do what it takes to make change.  Perhaps it safer to play small.

Why do we spend so much time NOT being our best selves?

After all, our family, our organisations and the planet NEEDS it.

Well that's exactly what we're going to explore together in Living the Change; so that you can be a little more you, a little less grumpy-bum. More sassy lover, less snarky mean girl.  More authentic leader, less wallflower.

Why this coaching program?


Designed by women, for women.

Most personal and leadership development courses out there were born from approaches and techniques designed by men, for men, operating in a masculine work paradigm. Even traditional goal-setting techniques will often turn us into maniacal Superwomen.

Frustrated with trying to apply and teach the old paradigm tools, our founder, Dr Joanna Martin has synthesised a new approach, harnessing the natural strengths of women.


Best-in-class, profound yet uncomplicated tools.

With over 14 years coaching and supporting women, Jo has spear headed the creation of an awe-inspiring suite of holistic, yet practical tools and trainings to foster women leaders (even those that don't see their leadership yet!)

Between them, our program collaborators, Susie Heath, Annie Stoker and Jo have over 77 years experience in fields as diverse as medicine, science, mindfulness, psychology, and a deep understanding of femininity.

The result? Perhaps the most well-designed, impactful and transformational online coaching program for women on the planet.

Central to the program are the accoladed and highly utilised 5 Women's PowerTypes. In response to the success of the Women's PowerTypes profile, we created this coaching program to dive deep into how to use the PowerTypes every day.

Rachel Brewer


Step-by-step approach for all learning styles.

A useful philosophy is not enough. As committed, yet time-strapped women, we need it laid out for us in a step-by-step, easy to implement approach.  That's why each training session in Living The Change is an easy-to-digest length of  between 3 and 20 minutes.    So you can fit it around your busy life.

Most sessions are integrated with simple, yet powerful activities that will gently, but powerfully move you toward the outcomes you want.

You will have an easy to follow plan of growth and transformation, which will be guided and steered by your own personal coach(es).


Community of powerful women.

Our community of women is acknowledged by many members as the most supportive and authentic group to which they belong. We maintain high standards of integrity and collaboration within the group to keep the conversation intelligent, useful, profound and meaningful. Another way of putting it - it's a love bath with some super-smart sisters!


Complete access to all training videos and the opportunity to implement on your own timeframes.

We know some women are hungry for deep change, and fast.  Perhaps you've just been made redundant and you want to up your confidence in the shortest possible time.  No problem- jump in and devour as much as you need.

Perhaps you're already way too busy for your own good- and you  prefer to take it step-by-step a little each week or two.  The beauty of this program is that as a membership, there's no pressure to complete in any given time frame.  Your access continues as long as you need it.  Your coaching continues as long as you need it, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


Extraordinary customer support.

Simply put, we rock at looking after our members. I mean, really rock. You'll be personally welcomed to the group, all your questions answered, and plenty of supportive helping hands are around to guide you on your journey.


Highly trained coaches.

The training component of Living the Change is delivered by our founder, Dr Joanna Martin, and our highly trained and experienced Certified Training Team. It's like being with them in their home offices as they take you step-by-step through revealing these powerful tools.

Your journey is also supported by our Head of Coaching, Annie Stoker and our highly trained and personally supervised Certified Women's Coaches. Our coaches are all trained to a high degree, having completed our rigorous 9-month training program, usually on a background of more than 5 years experience in general coaching. All coaches are highly supervised and best in class.

Julie Fox

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Feedback from our community

Interview with Amy Driver

Interview with Tanya Ostwald

Interview with Aisha Abdallah Joda

Interview with Annette LLoyd

Interview with Caroline fillery

Interview with Fanny Snaithe

 “Found this community early May at a point where I was seeking ways to rebuild my resilience and confidence after many years of life’s ups and downs finally had me beat. Signed up to LTC Gold knowing I needed the one to one coaching but a bit worried I’d overstretched myself financially. But then, lost my Dad to Covid, moved house and returned to work (after a full year off ill) all during the first 2 weeks of June - suddenly my optimism was waning and I was struggling to keep my head above water again. All this and the complicated family stuff funerals churn up was a bit too much... But I truly truly mean it when I say thank you universe for the inspiration to take the “Gold” leap of faith in myself, even though it meant “pushing it” (as my financially risk averse Dad would have said!)

In our hearts I think we often know what we need but can’t hear it for all the noise, or are too scared to listen or can hear it loud and clear but genuinely just don’t have the time or space or money at that point to heed it. But this time I had (more or less) just enough of everything to listen hard and leap. And thank goodness. Because coaching is what has pulled me through to the other side of this few weeks of difficulty.

In the past they would have been a few weeks of hell added to the previous thousands of weeks of hell. But just starting to take things apart at the beginning of LTC gave me enough insight to know I was channeling Superwoman and my lovely coach Katrina Holden used that to guide me to a place I never thought I could reach.

– Janet Smith-Harrison

“When I started LTC my intentions and 100 reasons included getting to know myself and being there for my family, not working so hard, getting some balance in my life, enjoying life and being able to withstand the judgments of others. I promised myself I would work through the modules slowly, giving time for them to embed, rather than rushing through so I could tick them off my list a la Superwoman.

Now even though I haven't quite finished module 2, this week my daughter has  been really happy and cuddly and yesterday she said it was because I wasn't working so much. This prompted me to look back at my intentions and bingo! I have changed even though I haven't been working hard at it. I have changed the most in ways that don't show- I feel stronger and confident in my own judgement and my own knowledge about the best path for me to take. I have been held back for so many years by fear of making decisions, fear of being wrong, and now I feel confident that there is no wrong decision, my strong sorceress will get me through anything! I couldn't see any other options for me outside of what I do for a living- but now I can see plans B,C,D etc. And they all could be fun!

I feel so much happier and more sure of myself, less trapped.. Thank you thank you thank you - I am excited for the rest of this journey!”

– Anne-Marie Speirs

Morning ladies! I am so super chuffed and excited that I must share where I'm at today.

Back in the mists of time (January) I was first introduced to the awesomeness of One of Many through the fabulous Jen Le Marinel. I felt totally stuck, pretty despondent, in an 'is this all there is?' kind of mindset. In a soul-sucking career, drained from daily life and living in grey.

I threw myself into learning and applying and working through a heap of stuff that the tools of OOM, gently applied by the glorious Jen and in the last few months I have managed to put down a load of baggage, find my vision, reconnect to myself and find (re-locate?) my purpose.

And last night I did my first ever practice coaching conversation with me as the coach! And I didn't suck!!!

I was terrified but absolutely thrilled at the same time. I'm by no means fixed (is anyone really ever fully fixed?), I still have the same job but I feel much better about it for now, and i have so much to learn. That said, I am so far beyond where I could have ever dreamed I'd be back in January.

I am so grateful to everyone who has been involved in my journey so far and am excited to keep going and see where I can get! This OOM stuff really works - commit to it, you deserve it, and you will change your life"

– Roz Dixon Burnett

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to this group. As I put my daughter to bed last night she caught me as I was closing the door & said -Mummy thank you for not getting angry with me today.

We'd had some great & difficult conversations that day & I'd managed to find the joy & empathy to get through them with the strength I've got from you all & went to bed a very happy, thoughtful person. #progress

– Helen Bryant

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