We can’t tell you how thrilled we are, that you are ready to become a One of many®

Certified Trainer




Congratulations! We are thrilled that you are joining us for a profound training experience!

We are ready to welcome you at the Certified Trainer’s Live Training. It’s time to discover how you can deliver cutting edge information, tools and techniques designed for the unique personal and professional growth of women.

It’s time to step up to your calling to make a bigger difference in the world. To even more powerfully impact your community.

So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a big adventure...

Please read this information pack carefully because it has valuable information about how to prepare for this training to get the most out of it!

Preparation for your live 5-day training

1. Pre-Training

Watch ONCE and listened thoroughly TWICE to the Three 1-Day Trainings in your members area.

a) Energy and Effectiveness for Busy Women.

b) Harnessing the Women’s PowerTypes.

c) And a keynote presentation: Energy and Effectiveness for busy women (Approx 2 hours)

Watch them once and then download and listen to the audios on your iPhone or iPod. Listen to the distinctions at least TWO more times, so you’ve heard the material a total of THREE times.

2. Foundation Training Calls

Watch/ listen to all 6 Foundation Training calls (available between 2nd September and 4th November) and do all homework pieces to ensure you are prepared for the live training.

3. Content Knowledge Assessment

We introduced this content knowledge assessment piece after our first cohort told us how helpful some structure for preparing would be.  It will make your week FAR EASIER - I promise.  It should not be a burden, but more a way of approaching your preparation in a formal way that will make the week of your Intensive fun and challenging, not scary and stressful!

You will be asked to prepare and bring to the Intensive a “Content Preparation Resource”.  On our Foundation calls I will teach you exactly how to prepare your Resource. For now please note that it will need to be prepared by you, printed out and brought to the event for use at the event. Please feel free to collaborate and discuss how you prepare each piece, but make your own personalised Resource as the point is the learning… not the result.

The manual should be:

  • Bound in a folder of your choice
  • One document per content piece laid out in 4-MAT sections (don’t worry- I will teach you how to do it!)
  • Each content piece printed (or handwritten- up to you) and inserted in the binder
  • Presented to the registration team for review at registration on day one.

This manual will help you immensely because at the end of each day you will be notified of the specific content piece you will be using for your exercises on the following day.   You will not know what they will be until the end of each day. So the more familiar you are with the tools the easier your life will be. You will be in groups of 5 so the intention is that over the week you will have heard or taught every piece of content, really cementing your knowledge of the One of many content and tools.

The 29 pieces of content are listed below and you can find them in your Coaching Members Area.  In case of emergencies we will have a printed version of these in your Training Manual for the event, but I expect they will be largely superceded by the “Content Preparation Resource” you will make.

There are a few points to stress:

1) You will not fail if you mess up on one piece of content during the training week!

2) You will have worked through all of this content as part of your Coaching Certification, none of it is new! You know this!

3) You won't be asked to present on a content piece 'on the fly' - you will always get notice the day before!.

4. Final Presentation Exam Prep

In addition to familiarity with all the 29 content pieces, you will choose one piece for your final exam.  We will need to know what you have chosen on day 1. Please choose something that you like, that you have good examples or case studies related to, and that suits your normal audience.

5. Dancing the PowerTypes

The final piece to prepare is to be able to access your PowerTypes easily and readily.  We were stunned by just how challenging cohort one found this. So my advice on this is each day to put on a song and dance one of the PowerTypes.  Over do it- do it big. So that by the time you arrive at the event- accessing for example, Lover or Queen on stage, is easy. We’ll be teaching you more “how” but make sure your body knows each of them and you’ll be good to go.

5. Other details

More details about exactly how to be best prepared will be shared on the Foundation Calls.  I’m here to hold your hand through the whole process and make it as stress-free as possible.  Remember - challenge is good…. Stress is optional. We can do this together. And it’s good practice to stay mindful, and out of overwhelm.



  • Soft Power Paradigm
  • Soft Power Principles
  • Journaling
  • Soft Play
  • Thinking and Thanking
  • Cycle of Creation
  • Trigger Tracking
  • Warrioress
  • Lover
  • Mother
  • Queen
  • Sorceress
  • Understanding Needs & Needs Creed
  • Communication with Masculine & Asking for What you Need
  • The Hearth and the Realm
  • Bridging Rituals
  • Analysis Paralysis
  • Grace-Full Receiving
  • Environmental Impact
  • Finishing Things
  • Shelving Nasties
  • Sleep
  • Monthly Cycles
  • Conscious Network Design
  • Batching for Energy Matching
  • Overwhelm First Aid
  • Soft Power Planning
  • Energy Allocation Process

What you should bring

We will provide the course manual and all class materials when you arrive at the event. Additional recommendations and course requirements include the following:

  • Clothing: You may wish to bring a jacket or jumper, in case the room temperature is cooler than you prefer and we recommend you dress in layers.
  • Food: We always aim to give you a break in this training every couple of hours for 15-20 mins. This timing is sometimes quite a challenge to stick to as it depends so greatly on the dynamics of the group and how fast you are at your exercises. Bring plenty of snacks and water to keep you focused.
  • Lunch will be provided each day. Please complete the dietary questionnaire sent to you. We will provide tea and coffee on morning and afternoon tea breaks and water in the room.
  • Stationery: Bring some pens and more paper for taking notes. Multi-coloured pens or markers are a consideration.
  • Special Needs: If you have special needs, such as a pillow for your back etc., please feel free to bring such items. Please let us know if you require a seat reserved for any reasons such as disability or injury as we are more than happy to assist.
  • Covid-19 precaution items: Please bring your own mask/s to wear while indoors and your own personal sanitiser to have on hand should you need it. For more info on what measures we are taking to ensure a safe experience for all, please see below.

This training will be content packed. Much of it is workshop style, so that you can apply the lessons learnt each step of the way.

COVID-19 Precautions

We are an organisation that loves to celebrate our breakthroughs, learnings and emotions with each other and hug, and in these challenging times, we will support you to stand beautifully in your Queen PowerType, set your own boundaries, and feel comfortable with the level of contact you have with others. When you sign in we will ask you to choose a coloured dot for your lanyard (red, yellow or green) that indicates your comfort level around distancing. You can change at any time through the retreat and further details will be provided by the registration desk team to help you decide where your boundaries lie

Here are some testimonials around our Covid precautions from ladies who joined us at in person events in 2021.

“You made a very personal event safe during Covid. The sticker idea and empowering us to make choices about our safety and feel comfortable about saying “no” made this event. AND it was powerful” - Anna

“Thank you for so thoughtfully helping us to be safe through the event, your approach to the ‘new normal’ was respectful and empowering for us all” - Maggie

“Covid safety was brilliantly managed” - Rupa

“The joy and connection of being in person far outweighed my initial hesitancy about being in a group of people. We were provided with outstanding support and care in the present circumstances” - Anita

General Information


Stratford Manor,
Warwick Rd,
CV37 0PY

01789 731173


Set on 21 rural acres, this upscale hotel is 3.2 miles from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and 5.8 miles from Warwick Castle.

Sleek rooms feature contemporary furnishings, flat-screen TVs, tea and coffeemaking equipment and free WiFi; 24-hour room service is available. Upgraded rooms add premium bedding and satellite TV, plus complimentary newspapers and toiletries.

We recommend that you book your accommodation* sooner rather than later as the hotel will be running other conferences and may become full.

Amenities include a restaurant, a bar, a gym, an indoor pool and a spa with 3 treatment rooms.

On-site parking is free.

*In light of the COVID-19 situation and associated uncertainty right now, we recommend that you book fully flexible accommodation directly with the hotel.  We are fully intending to proceed as planned, and all advice at this stage suggests we should be fine.  But we highly recommend a belts and braces approach!

While you don’t have to stay at the hotel, it will make things easier during the week as you won’t have to arrange transport back and forth each day. And we have a good relationship with them in case any changes need to be made (we pray not!)

If you’d prefer to stay offsite, please book refundable or flexible accommodation and make sure you’re clear about how you’re travelling to and from the hotel. There are local bus services as well as taxi options – see the hotel website for details. https://www.stratfordmanor.co.uk/explore/find-us/

If you want to share a room with someone to split the expense, or arrange to travel with others, please post in the Certified Womens Coaches Group to see who else may be interested. Use the hashtag #roomshare so others can find your post.



Leave the M40 at Junction 15 and follow the A46 signposted Stratford. At the first roundabout, take the A439 signposted Stratford City Centre. Stratford Manor is a mile along this road, on the left.


Follow the A439 signposted Warwick and M40. Stratford Manor is three miles along this road on the right.


Stratford Parkway - 3 miles
Warwick Parkway - 7 miles
Nearest airport
Birmingham - 24 miles
Accommodation: Please contact the hotel directly to get the best deals available.

RESERVATIONS: 01789 731 173

Activities: Our trainings are quite busy and filled with a variety of activities. You may want to arrive early or stay after the training for a few days to take advantage of the lovely hotel and facilities, what Stratford-Upon-Avon has to offer and to give yourself some time to digest all the

Schedule for a great event…


Monday 8th, 8.15 am – 8.45 am


Monday 9 am – 6 pm (approx.)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:
9 am – 9.30 am – Practice Session
9.30am-6pm (approx) – Training

There will be an evening class on Tuesday 7.30 pm – 9 pm.

*Finishing Times: As this is a highly participatory training with many exercises, finishing times are approximate only. It is not uncommon for us to be 30-60 minutes over time depending on feedback and exercises. Please do not make arrangements with your friends before 6.30 pm and you won’t be disappointed.

**Because we are still designing the specifics of the program these times are a guideline and we will let you know nearer the time if there are any changes.


There will be a lunch break of approximately one hour each day. There will be regular breaks where refreshments will be served at approximately every two hours.


This is an intensive training that will include homework. You will be given tasks to complete in the evenings, and we highly recommend spending time to network with your colleagues. Many a business partnership has been born at events just like this.


Lunch will be provided each day. Stratford-Upon-Avon is only 3 miles away and is a beautiful town with a variety of eateries.

Dietary Requirements:

Please complete the Dietary Requirements and Attendance form by clicking here*.
*Please complete to confirm your attendance even if you have no special dietary requirements.

Pre-Event Check List

  • Listened to pre-training (1-day events) 3 times each
  • Listened to all foundation calls and completed homework
  • Prepared and printed "Content Preparation Resource" manual
  • Revised the 29 content pieces from your Coaching Certification Program.
  • Accommodation Booked.
  • Transport Organised.
  • Dietary Requirements Form Completed.

In closing...

We welcome you to the One of many® Certified Trainer's live 5-day training. We are glad you have made the decision to join us on this incredible mission to create a global paradigm shift. I can assure you that you are in for an exceptional, extraordinary and profound experience!

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If there is anything else that we can do to be of service,
please call our office on 0203 355 6639
Jo, Annie, Susie and Team x