Become a One of many® Certified Women's Coach.


Become One of many® women committed to the growth and evolution of all women as a Certified Women's Coach.

The world needs more women leaders. And leaders need support. Leaders need coaches. Leaders need you.

It's time to step up to your calling to make a bigger difference for the women you work with. To even more powerfully impact your clients, or your team. But the great news is you don't need to re-invent the wheel. You don't need to do it alone. You can choose instead to step up with us.

You get access to our proven tools, techniques and distinctions. The tools that have unleashed the leadership of hundreds of our graduates. The very same distinctions that have turned busy professional women into pillars of their community, and happier, more vital people.

Are You Ready to Become a One of many® Certified Women's Coach?

Admission is by an Application Call only.
To apply and to get all of your questions answered request a no-obligation conversation today.

Who is the One of many® Certified Women's Coaching Training for?


Tired of using tools that don't feel quite "right" for you?

Benefit from the collective 63 years experience of the creators of the One of many programs, and offer clients a new way to work with you.


Become associated with a fast-growing and reputable brand, gain visibility to new clients, and enjoy done-for-you content so you don't have to re-invent the wheel.


Support your team better. Discover quick and impactful techniques for effectiveness, without burning out.


You can't bring out the best in others without becoming profoundly empowered in the process.

It's time for you to become a One of many® Certified Women's Coach and together we can achieve our collective vision to unleash the power of grassroots women leaders in your community, and around the world.

This is a call to step into something bigger; to have a bigger impact; to affect the lives of the women around you in a deeper, more powerful way. That impact reverberates out to the women around them and, in turn, the women around them. It's a ripple effect with exciting possibilities for this uncertain world and the uncertain times in which we live.

Thousands of women have told us just how profoundly their lives have been impacted by the work that we do, the tools that we share, and the Women's PowerTypesTM that we teach. You've told us that this is some of the most important work you've ever done when it comes to personal development and leadership growth - and some of you speak from more than 20 years' worth of experience.

Here at One of many™ we are on a mission to unleash the bold, grassroots leadership of 1 million women internationally. Women who will make a mark on their communities and the world.

And we know the only way to do this is through partnering with women like you, aligned with our mission.

Together we can reach 1 million women. Helping them to get out of "Superwoman Mode" and embrace a new way of operating A paradigm we call "Soft Power". A way of harnessing our natural strengths as women which allows us to be more effective than ever before. We have seen and we know that when women learn to trust their feminine energy they succeed in ways they'd never imagined possible.

That's why we're joining together now with other amazing women, just like you, and offering in depth access to our trademarked tools and methodologies for you to use with your clients or inside your organisation. It's an unparalleled opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those around you by sharing the wealth of wisdom we have - and now you will have - at your fingertips.

Why Become a Certified Women's Coach?

There are a few different reasons why you might want to become certified - beyond identifying with and supporting the principles we teach here at One of many. But I suspect the main reason is that in your time with us, you've discovered something that could make a real difference in the lives of the women you work with.

Whether you're a coach, consultant, therapist, trainer, HR manager, or work in any other way with women…

You can offer our done-for-you content and coaching paradigms any way you choose.

Current coaches, therapists, trainers and consultants, you may want to offer prospective clients a new way to work with you. Maybe you want to reactivate past clients with a new offering. Maybe you'd like to add value to an existing program with an added bonus. Or perhaps you'd simply like to intertwine the principles and tools through your own work in a way that feels right to you. Because you know our content is best in class.

Soon to be coaches, you will be thrilled to be associated with a fast-growing and reputable brand, the opportunity for visibility to new clients, and done-for-you content so you don't have to re-invent the wheel.

Perhaps as a manager or corporate leader, you might want to use the different distinctions for focused coaching with individual team members. Because you've seen how you can shorthand growth with focussed application of the Women's PowerTypesTM and our conversation templates.

Or perhaps on a personal level you just want to go deeper into the training for yourself, because you find it juicy and intriguing and life changing. That's ok, too.

However you use the training is up to you - there's no right or wrong way to use it. However you DO choose to use it, it's a no-fuss way to give your income an immediate boost.

This system offers a radical approach to personal development - one that you won't find anywhere else on the planet.

Are You Ready to Become a One of many® Certified Women's Coach?

Admission is by an Application Call only.
To apply and to get all of your questions answered request a no-obligation conversation today.

What does the Coaching Certification involve?


Your 6-month foundation training program.

Starting immediately you will have access to the foundational programs which embody the tools and methodologies you'll be using with your clients.

Over the next 6- months Founder of One of many®, Dr Joanna Martin will take you through 10 foundational training calls covering core coaching competencies such as establishing trust and intimacy, active listening, powerful questioning and providing accountability, as well as an exploration of the unique One of many® approach with focussed exercises and exploration. a guided exploration of the distinctions, especially in depth exploration of the One of many Women's PowerTypes™.

By the time you arrive for your live intensive coach training the principles, tools and distinctions will be second nature to you.

We assume that if you are embarking on becoming a coach with us that you have participated in our cornerstone programme "BePowerful". If you haven't, speak to one of the team about how we can support you with this.


Your live intensive coach training

Your live training is a hands-on, highly experiential training with the One of many coach training faculty. It is held in person over 5 days in the autumn or virtually over 7 days in the spring and provides a week rich with coaching demonstrations, and practice. The team will take you by the hand and lead you step by step through the content of the foundational 12-week transformational program.

You will leave with a deep understanding of the Women's PowerTypesTM and how to apply them with clients, and feel confident applying the core competencies that make a fantastic coach. You will have learned and practiced dozens of coaching frameworks and techniques. You will be equipped with enough experience to start working deeply and powerfully with women in your sphere.

At a personal level, you will experience personal growth and transformation as you work through the challenges that have been holding you back in your own life.


Your 12-week coaching practical

Your training continues for the following 12 weeks with live conference calls with our Head of Coaching, psychotherapist and change agent, Annie Stoker.

In each session you will listen in as Annie leads a real client through the 12-week program. The first hour of the call you will listen in and take notes on how she masterfully guides the client through their challenges and helps her to apply the proprietary tools and templates to unleash her greatness. She will demonstrate the tools and structure of the program live and in person so you can see how it really happens!

The following hour, the client will leave the call and you have the opportunity to ask all your questions about what you witnessed and how it worked. By the end of each session you will be 100% clear on how to lead a client through the tools and techniques focussed on that week.

And then it's your turn. You'll then have the opportunity to take what you've learned and use it during your 1:1 coaching time with your clients. We will support you to line up 3 clients to work with before the program.   Each week you will lead your client through the session and apply what you've learned. On the following week you can ask your questions as you've implemented what you've learned.


Your tailored feedback and observation

Getting helpful and actionable feedback on the way that you coach, what you're excellent at, and where you can grow, is a crucial part of becoming a fantastic coach. We make sure you receive plenty of feedback and input on your journey, to help you learn, grow and develop - so you get better every time you coach.

Over the course of certification you'll receive 5 pieces of written feedback from our experienced trainers on your coaching sessions, so you can integrate it, implement it and grow.

Upcoming Certification Training Workshop Dates

The next course starts with foundation training in September 2021 with the intensive taking place virtually in Spring 2022.

What is the Certification Process?

To preserve the integrity of our brand and community we have a simple but rigorous certification process.

You will be asked to do the following:


A written assessment of your knowledge of the Women's PowerTypes, tools, techniques and principles.


Receive feedback from 3 clients on the coaching they have done with you.

This will be provided directly to us at One of many. While we understand that not everyone will want to use the 12-week program in their business, you may prefer to entwine the tools in your own structured program. For the purposes of certification, we require 36 hours of coaching experience with at least three different people. We therefore ask that you simply take three people through the 12-week program. You will have up to 6 months to complete your three coaching programs and submit your feedback.



3 recorded coaching sessions which are submitted during the practical for feedback from our assessors.

After successful completion of the certification process you will become a Licensed Coach. For a copy of the license agreement, click here.

How we will continue to support you on your coaching journey:

The One of many® Certified Women's Coach Training Program is a licensing program. Which means once you complete the certification training, in exchange for a very reasonable annual licence you'll receive the ongoing benefits listed below. (Note: There are no "hidden" licence fees. Your annual licence of just £150* covers everything.)

*Plus VAT where applicable

Your Ongoing Licensing and Support includes:


Licence to use each of the One of manyTM Certified Women's Coach trademarked namesand all of the forms, templates, exercises, systems, structures and training in your private or group coaching programs, teleseminars, staff coaching, VIP days and more… plus in all of your branding and marketing, and on your website.


Visibility on the One of manyTM website. Advertise your certified status on the One of manyTMwebsite and instantly be recognized as a leader in your field. As we are continually investing heavily in growing our community of women globally, this gives you a unique opportunity to be found by those women you most want to work with.


Access to the Coaches Only Members Area where you can download all the done-for-you templates, exercises, scripts, processes, and more to share with your clients or staff members, or for your own reference.


Exclusive rights to purchase wholesale, then resell or include with your programs, the gorgeous, professionally designed Women's PowerTypesTM Cards (Talk about a conversation starter. Imagine networking and being able to whip out a beautiful, glossy archetype card. These are powerful tools, and client magnets!)


Free tickets to selected One of manyTM live events to sell or gift to your clients, and include as bonuses to your programs and packages.


Professional certificate you can proudly display in your office.


Continued exclusive access to the One of many Certified Coaches-only online forum, where you'll swap ideas, receive feedback and support from your trainers and master coaches, announce your trainings and programs, connect with other certified coaches to buddy coach, create joint venture partnerships and more.

You'll also receive access to these supportive bonuses that will help you attract new clients and manage your business.


Pre-Learning bonus:

We are including one of our signature foundation trainings as part of your program so that you can be au fait and very familiar with the methodologies before your training days. We expect you to work through this program once thoroughly, and to have listened to the content a further 2 times before you attend your training intensive.

BeFruitful: Time and Energy Secrets for Busy Women.

This 6-Module training takes you by the hand and guides you through the foundations of our principles as they apply to your time and energy. You'll discover the 15 Soft Power principles, boundary setting, Batching for Energy Matching, Cycle Tracking and much more.

VALUE $247


"I've tried so many time management systems. And they work in the short term… until I fall over exhausted from the energy required to implement them. But this is different. Jo gives us tools and confidence to reconnect with the inherent wisdom we all have. I didn't expect how focused and effective it would make me. And just how effortless it would feel."

Cat Townsend


Coaching Business Toolkit

If you're launching a business as a coach for the first time, this toolkit will provide you with everything you need to know to get up and running. It includes:

  • Best ways to set up your coaching calendar using our Batching for Energy Matching process so you're working just a few days each month.
  • How to set good boundaries as a coach, and ideas on how "available" to be, and how to manage that.
  • Strategies to determine pricing, and how and when to charge clients.
  • Templates to structure your coaching sessions so you're delivering value but not over-delivering and burning out.
  • All the client forms you need to keep things effective and organised.
  • What to do if clients cancel, show up late or unprepared.
  • Helpful ideas on what to do and say if a client runs into payment issues so you don't end up coaching for free, or having your boundaries crossed.
  • Powerful ways to keep your clients accountable and aware of the breakthroughs they are having, so they see the ongoing value of what you do.

VALUE $750


"Turn Queries to Clients" Discovery Session Template

We'll provide you with and train you in an exact template you can use for one of your own discovery sessions with a potential new client. No more awkward sales conversations. No more over-delivering or free coaching.  Now you'll know exactly what to say - and when to say it. You'll also figure out how to recognize those clients who are the right fit for you, so you don't waste time trying to convince the wrong clients to sign up for your product, program or service.

VALUE $750


VIP Day Outline

Joanna has been doing VIP days (intensive 1:1 coaching over a day) for the last 8 years. When she promoted them at a recent event she booked 14 VIP days, filling virtually all VIP days for the entire year and brought in over six figures in revenue. They are in demand by your potential clients who want to work in a way that's deep, fast and intense. As part of your coaching certification, we'll give you an exact outline you can use on which to base your VIP days, so there's no guess work.

VALUE $750

The fastest way to make the impact you're feeling called to make is by getting in flow. Focus on the coaching, the part you love. We've got the powerful, well-researched, structured content handled for you!
And an ever-growing community of hungry clients.

Are You Ready to Become a One of many® Certified Women's Coach?

Admission is by an Application Call only.
To apply and to get all of your questions answered request a no-obligation conversation today.

Overview of the Program


In summary, when you step up and become a One of many® Certified Women's Coach you will receive:


    • 6-Month Foundational Training and exploration of the resources and distinctions you will be using with your clients.


    • Live Coach Training Intensive in the done-for-you content, tools and templates we have developed. Observation, supportive feedback and time to reflect on everything you're learning and putting into action.


    • 12-week Coaching Practical where we will hold your hand and guide you step-by-step through the 12-week program so that you can apply it and achieve amazing success with your first few clients.


    • You'll be provided with all the materials you need for your own coaching programs - think of it as a tool kit where you can pull out the right tool or template for the job.


    • One of Many's Certified Women's Coach Training is an ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours Provider.


And you receive these helpful and supportive bonuses:

  • Your Pre-learning Bonus of "BeFruitful: Time and Energy Secrets for Busy Women".
  • "Turn queries to clients" Discovery Session Template so that you can comfortably sign on new clients without free coaching or over-delivering.
  • VIP Day outline so that you can deliver high value, high income intensive coaching and enjoy breakthrough results with your clients
  • Coaching Business Toolkit so that if you're new to the coaching business you have a handy "Starting Kit" with training to get you off the ground fast.

How will you apply your new skills and resources to see a prompt return on your investment?

We fully expect many of our Certified Coaches will be able to see a complete return on their investment in this training within 2-3 clients. Here's a few ideas of how you could apply your training and resources quickly and promptly.

For current coaches, trainers, therapists and consultants:

  1. You could use our structured 12-week program to sell as a next step to your current clients.
  2. You could offer the 12-week program to re-activate past clients.
  3. You could use the new content (especially the grounding in the Women's PowerTypes) as a powerfully attractive way to attract new clients.
  4. You could increase your sales conversions with the Discovery Session template.
  5. You could add the Women's PowerTypes content, and other templates as bonuses to your current programs, increasing the value of what you can charge.
  6. You could offer the content and templates as incentives to have your clients pay in full.
  7. You can entwine the tools, principles and Women's PowerTypes into your own personal programs to have more impact and increase referrals.

For soon to be coaches (and current coaches too actually!):

  1. You’ll be saving loads of time because you don’t have to re-invent the content and program design wheel.
  2. You’ll be in the flow of opportunity by being associated with a fast-growing and highly reputable brand.
  3. You’ll be quickly positioned with the tools and expertise to become known as an expert in women’s leadership and personal development.

For managers and leaders inside organisations:

  1. You can use the tools, principles and Women’s PowerTypes in your role as a manager to have quick and effective coaching conversations with the women on your team, and increase team performance.
  2. You can use the opportunity to attend One of many events as incentives for great work.
  3. You can use deeper sessions with you as an incentive for great work, and accelerating growth.

If you've been feeling the call to step into something bigger; if you've been longing to have more of an impact but you've been missing the tools or the know-how, then the One of many® Coaching Certification is for you.

Are You Ready to Become a One of many® Certified Women's Coach?

Admission is by an Application Call only.
To apply and to get all of your questions answered request a no-obligation conversation today.

About your lead coaches


Dr Joanna Martin

Founder, One of many®

Jo is a renowned visionary, coach and catalyst; whose message and work have directly impacted over 70,000 people on 4 different continents.

With over 21,000 members, she has led One of many to become the fastest growing community of grassroots women leaders in the UK. And she's on a mission to get these tools into the hands of a million women worldwide.


Annie Stoker

Head of Coaching, One of many®

Annie Stoker is perhaps the UK's most educated coach and trainer in what it takes to be happy.

She has distilled 27 years experience in diverse psychological and spiritual perspectives into a simple but profound manual for the mind: "The Personal Development Handbook." She has coached influential figures, and been featured widely on TV, radio and in print.


Susie Heath

Master Trainer and Coach for One of many®

Susie Heath is the UK's leading facilitator in re-connecting women to the power of their strong feminine.

She is the author of two powerful books, "The essence of womanhood: Re-awakening the authentic feminine" and "Dance your way to the top: Feminine Leadership without burning out".

Why experienced coaches and newbies alike are becoming One of manyTM Certified Women's Coaches

"Before doing the one of many coach certification programme I was an ICF accredited coach (ACC) and had been doing coaching as a side gig to my day job in business development and marketing. Although I had been coaching for a while I was never really making it pay. I loved the OOM approach and the distinctions. I decided to do the One of many Certified Coach Training to bring in tools relevant to my ideal client (almost all burnt out high achieving business women).
I finished and got certified last summer. I subsequently increased the time I put into the business and then last October circumstances meant I left my day job and my coaching was thrown into the spotlight as my main gig. I took time off until January and started in earnest, rebranding as the portfolio career strategist. I focussed on building my platform locally, networking, word of mouth- letting people know what I am doing. Most of my business comes from that personal connection.
And it's worked! The OOM Business Toolkit is amazing and the Discovery Call Template is great. I convert 75% of discovery calls and my 1 to 1 practice is currently 80% full. I will be doing a group program in June so that I can serve more people. I have run workshops and have another this Saturday which came from a recommendation.
Since I stood in my being as a portfolio career strategist things have exploded. For both sides of my work the coaching and my business development. I am being recommended for work in both arenas and things are flowing so well. I feel fully aligned and congruent."
Catherine Evans Joines
"The message of One of many® supports and empowers women to be themselves, to be all of who they are, and I want to help spread that message so that we can anchor and ground this knowing in everything that we do, so that we can "show up" fully."
Maria Baeck
Connector of Worlds - Making the Invisible Visible
"I have been practicing personal development, and teaching it for over 20 years. I've worked in education, corporate and small business. I have never in my whole career come across tools which make such a deep and lasting difference for women, myself included. I've never known change like it. And its for this reason I became a One of many® Certified Women's Coach."
Cath Daley
"I felt guided to find an affiliated coaching programme that was aligned with my values (mission), then Jo announced the One of many® Certified Women's Coach Training and I just knew I had to do it!!
Helen Leathers
"When the coaching certificate was first mentioned at BeWealth I thought - perhaps in a few years' time - I'm a lawyer why would I need to do it? Less than a month later, I was desperate to sign up! Starting a business and helping women to find some sense of contentment, peace and happiness in the guilt ridden world of work and young family, I think the coaching really helps me to offer more. I really resonate with the One of many® ethos and feel proud to be a part of sharing the teachings."
Hannah Beko
"I've joined to further my own growth and understand better how I can use the archetypes in the world that I engage with day to day, whether work, home, friendships, neighbours, shop keepers or a stranger in the street, so that I can contribute (without burning out !) to making this world a happier, more harmonious and peaceful place, doing something that brings me joy, and so another important part of the certification process for me is also to get the opportunity to try coaching someone with the support of the programme."
"It had been a long time since I found a coach training programme that intrigued me enough to dive in, but I am so happy that I followed my intuition and joined the OOM 2019 cohort. The OOM approach and tools have enriched my coaching and given me elegant tools to further upgrade my coaching practice. My clients new and old have absolutely loved the PowerTypes Profile and the fresh new tools that I have been presenting them with. Despite being a brilliant launch pad for new coaches, it has proved a valuable investment to me as an experienced coach. What's more, I have an awesome new tribe of fabulous woman with whom to grow and develop. I take my hat off to any programme than can create such fabulous coaches "from scratch" and enrich the skills of someone who has been coaching 18 years!"
Lisa Wynn
Master Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
Founder of

What's the investment?

The investment to become a One of many® certified coach is £4,895. But save £500 by securing the early bird ESCW webinar discount when you book your application call now. This makes your investment just £4,395.
We want to make this do-able for as many as we can, so you can also benefit from our cash-flow options. You can discuss this on your application call with our team.

Are You Ready to Become a One of many® Certified Women's Coach?

Admission is by an Application Call only.
To apply and to get all of your questions answered request a no-obligation conversation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Ready to Become a One of many® Certified Women's Coach?

Admission is by an Application Call only.
To apply and to get all of your questions answered request a no-obligation conversation today.