Coaching code of ethics

As a One of many coach I am proud to abide by the following:


  • Being a living example of the OOM vision, values and Soft Power Principles. I prioritise my needs and work on embodying soft power more every day.
  • My own personal growth and development, including specifically, continuing professional development.
  • Strive to be aware of my own personal issues and challenges that may impact my performance as a coach and seek help where necessary.
  • Practicing honesty and integrity in all situations.
  • Being inclusive and championing diversity and tolerance.
  • Being fully aligned with OOM procedures & policies.
  • Working collaboratively to further the purpose of One of many and best practice.


  • Establish an environment of trust & mutual respect; including being on time, prepared & fully present.
  • Provide a safe & compassionate space for growth. I am non-judgmental, loving, respectful & curious.
  • Believe in the amazing potential of my coachee, helping them to uncover their own resources where possible, and teaching new resources with permission.
  • Maintain partnership, recognising the individual journey, seasonal nature & sovereignty of each person.
  • Agree clarity around expectations, boundaries and provide accountability.
  • Foster inter-dependency, helping my coachee to develop both self-reliance and community.
  • Always leave my coachee feeling either empowered, or where this is not possible, clearly supported until they are strong again.
  • Not make claims beyond my abilities and refer appropriately.
  • Always operate in a way that maintains confidentiality & higher good of the client, in alignment with the terms of the agreement.
  • Be conscious and careful of conflicts of interest & take action to communicate them and reach resolution.
  • Adhere to professional standards including complying with ICF code of ethics.


  • The coachee will be responsible for their own emotional state and wellbeing.
  • While having and expressing emotions is celebrated in the coaching relationship, aggression, abuse and violence will not tolerated.
  • Expect the coachee to continue to discover, grow, and challenge themselves (in the context of the seasonal nature of growth). If the coachee reaches a plateau where I am of no further service I will communicate this and end or refer as appropriate.