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Who do you know who’d love to set up their own coaching business? This workshop is open to anyone who’s interested in starting a new career as a coach.

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Want to know how to set up your own coaching business - and the things you do (and don’t!) need to have in place? Join me for this free upcoming training:

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Is it possible to earn a good living as a coach? Do you need to spend thousands on marketing, and what are the current trends in the industry as a whole? If you’re curious about a career as a coach, and would love to get clarity on exactly what’s involved, then join me for a free workshop from One of many, the Women’s Coaching organisation. How to Start a Coaching Business. It’s just 90 minutes long and you can register for your place here:

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I just registered for a free workshop, How to Start a Coaching Business. It’s for any woman who’s thinking of coaching as a career and wants to know exactly what’s involved in setting up a successful business. It’s happening online on 7th and 8th December - just choose the date that works for you! It’s free to register - you can sign up here:

In this 90-minute training, Dr Joanna Martin is going to demystify exactly what you do and don’t need to start a successful coaching business. From websites to marketing, there are a lot of myths about what you have to have in place - and the truth is far simpler than we’re led to believe!

I’ll be there - so check it out and come join me.


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