BeWealth: Your Life's Legacy

A TWO-DAY RETREAT Transform your money into a powerful ally that helps you create the future you want

Step into your money confidence.

You’re a smart, capable woman. Perhaps you are one of many women whose main frustration with herself is that she’s not as sorted as she’d like to be in the realm of money. Do you know, you’re not alone?

Only 7% of UK population is on track for the retirement they want. Research also tells us that 4.5 million UK women are losing sleep over money. Why? For half of us it’s because we’re not meeting our essential needs, 28% of us are juggling debt, then there’s a huge 57% of us who are doing OK, but worried about lack of savings for the future.

What’s more, women are 60% more likely to suffer job stress and burn out than men. We are stressed and anxious around our finances, and it’s impacting us globally.

"Arguments about money are by far the top predictor of divorce.
It’s not children, sex, in-laws or anything else. It’s money
– for both men and women."

- Sonya Britt
National Survey of Family and Households

The good news is, it’s time to turn this around. When you step into BeWealth™, you join a group of committed and courageous women who are ready to take on their own personal “blind-spot” and uplevel to the next stage of wealth for them.

The Stages of Wealth: What’s Your Next Step?


Step up to your next level of wealth at BeWealth


  • Get real clarity on your current financial position (without feeling like a failure!)
  • Define your unconscious money blueprint, so you can understand why you are at your current financial level.
  • Identify and release specific blockages preventing you from being better with money so that you believe in yourself more than in the hope of some external person who will save you financially.
  • Discover and integrate the 7 Prosperity Principles so that you’re making smart decisions that lead to more time for you, for your family, for your future.
  • Learn about the Energy Outcome Matrix™ so that you can identify the exact strategies which will have the biggest impact on your financial growth.
  • Explore the Women’s PowerType™ of the Sorceress to create real results.
  • Implement the “Money Tree” management system, so you can easily track your growth and financial turnaround
  • Transform your own feelings of self-worth, so that you can ask for what you deserve, and accept it.
  • Create a Soft PowerPlan for action, so as you leave you know exactly what changes to make to achieve a great retirement lifestyle and be accountable for making them.
  • Leave with the confidence to stand up, ask your questions, and get the support you deserve; after all wealth creation is a team game.


You will have the opportunity to work personally with our hand selected group of Wealth Mentors. In our “Round Table Mentoring” session, you'll get all your questions answered from financially successful women: from financial planners to property experts and women who have crafted their own unique way to wealth. Their wisdom and experienced are shared freely and generously. These women want to see you succeed.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life

Henry david thoreau

BeWealth: Your Life's Legacy

Harness your complete money confidence and step into wealth and abundance

Bonus Program: Wealth In Action

Step-by-Step Implementation Program

After the retreat, you will be guided, step-by-step through 10 bite-sized, easily implementable pieces to help you bring order, flow and a flourishing of your finances. We know from experience that it’s what you do AFTER an event like this that makes the biggest difference. That’s why we will map it out for you simply, clearly and a piece at a time.

This valuable bonus training includes:

  • 10 x training videos, each taking you through easily implementable pieces to help you bring order, flow and a flourishing of your finances.

Additional Bonuses to Support Your Success

One of many® Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile: Here at One of many we don’t believe you have to behave like a man to be taken seriously. But most of us avoid being seen to be too “feminine” because we assume it is weak. It isn’t.

That’s why we work with the Five Women’s PowerTypes™. Five stunning examples of how we can be authentic to the softer aspects of our nature, while remaining bold, feisty and in command.

We have created a powerful profiling tool to help you uncover your strongest, most natural women’s leadership style. You will receive your free token to complete your profile once you enrol in BeWealth. (Value £77)

Personal Wealth Manager and Money Management Training: this system helps you to set up and manage your own “Jam Jars” money management program- so you know that no matter what is happening now, you are building for your future. Value £112

Talking About Money: a simple, powerful training in how to have those sticky conversations with your spouse about money, with grace & ease. Value £97

The Limitation Release Process: allows you to let the unconscious barriers go. Value £19.95

The Wealth Attraction Meditation: when listened to daily, will have you magnetically attracting the kind of wealth you so richly deserve. Value £19.95

Your BeWealth dates and details

In person

Friday the 19TH to Saturday the 2OTH of April, 2024


Optional primer evening
Thursday the 18th of April, 2024:
(Meet your companions and set intentions)

Essential retreat times

Friday 19th April, 2024:
(Registration from 8:30am) 9-7pm

Saturday 20th April, 2024:


Stratford Manor, Warwick Rd,
Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 0PY

Phone: 01789 731173

Your BeWealth retreat is more than just a 2-day retreat

Inclusions for Retreat Value
BeWealth Retreat Program - including 2 days tuition, bonus session on Thursday evening, buffet lunch on Friday and Saturday.
Wealth in action 10 week programme – 10 easily implementable videos to help you bring order, flow and flourishing to your finances.
Personal Wealth Manager and Money Management Training.
Talking about money: a simple training in how to have those sticky conversations with your spouse about money with grace and ease
Meditations to Support your success including: The Limitation Release Process and The Wealth Attraction Meditation
One of many® Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile
Total Value
Bewealth retreat bundle including all bonuses

We also have cash flow options available. Please note if you choose to pay in full you will receive a special bonus of “BeFruitful: Time and Energy Management for Busy Women" valued at £247. Places are limited – so reserve your spot now.

Got questions? Want to feel certain you’re definitely going to get the value you need from this experience? Click here to book in a chat with the team to answer any queries you may have about joining. We know that investing in YOU is something many of us struggle with. But we believe that, when you’re feeling wealthy and abundant, every other area of your life will be transformed. Give yourself the boost you need to get back on track, and your impact increases exponentially.


100% happy guarantee

I know that this workshop will help you harness your complete money confidence and step into wealth and abundance. Which is why I am confident to offer you what could seem like a crazy guarantee!

Join me for the workshop, and stay up until lunch time on the second day, and if you are still not convinced that what you have learnt will make a difference in your wealth and abundance, just contact one of the staff at the event and you will receive a 100% refund.

What previous participants say about BeWealth

“I’d convinced myself I didn’t care about money, I didn’t need it and it wasn’t important to me. At BeWealth it really hit home that money was important. The transformation for me since has been incredible. I have billed £32,000 in the last three months alone. That’s more than I billed last year. My husband has been able to leave his job which he loathed, and I am responsible for our future (for the time being anyway). And I like it!”
Cat Townsend
Brand Strategist, The Good Alliance
“Before BeWealth I was completely out of control with my finances. I had my head firmly in the sand. I just spent and hoped for the best. Through the simple act of accountability I have been able to spend £800- £1000 less each month. It’s made a gigantic difference to us as a family and how we approach wealth. Now I’m teaching my children about being responsible. It’s great!!”
Kathryn Meadows
“I learned about my relationship with money and why this was holding me back. I got excited about managing my money better and about achieving better sales! I met glorious women from all walks of life and I am so full of new knowledge and the inspiration to move forwards and achieve what I deserve. So glad I went.”
Victoria Heath

Meet your trainers


Stephanie Aitken

In-house Trainer and Coach
One of Many™
Lawyer. Trainer. Coach.
Yogi. Globe-trotter.
Celebrator of life

Sara Price

In-house Trainer and Coach
One of Many™
Entrepreneur. Trainer.
PR maven. Dancer. Dreamer.
Doting Aunty.

Susie Heath

Master Trainer and Coach
One of Many™
Fashion Designer.
Horticulturist. Author.
Grandmother. Dancer.
Lover of Men.

BeWealth: Your Life's Legacy

Harness your complete money confidence and step into wealth and abundance