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Information for your retreat and leadership day

11TH - 12TH OCTOBER 2024



We are all looking forward to welcoming you at the BeFulfilled Retreat and Leadership day.

You can expect a truly transformational experience. This program is specifically designed to help you achieve clarity, confidence, effectiveness. When you leave you can expect to have defined a path forward in your career that is at once fulfilling, financially fruitful and supportive of your lifestyle.

You will get away from it all, and disconnect from the demands of daily life.  This will give you a much needed opportunity to tune in deeply to your heart and her longings.  You will marry this with your unique strengths and experience to discover your unique and authentic value.  The result? Perhaps a slight tweak for maximum profitability, perhaps a complete re-packaging of what you do.  Either way, you’ll leave ready to step onto a far greater platform in your career.

When you combine this with the profound (and feminine) time and energy management habits, you can expect to get more done with less effort, and greater impact.

And your leadership day is a bespoke, challenging and profoundly supportive day specifically for Lead The Change participants.

What to expect at your BeFulfilled Retreat and Leadership day

The first two days will be workshop style, so that you can apply the lessons learnt at each step of the way. Here is some of what you can expect to learn and apply to your life on the day:

  • Discover and own your true value, gifts and talents
  • Determine the best types of roles for your personality and passions
  • Uncover the truth of whether you should be in business for yourself or not
  • Learn to define and present your true value for greatest professional success
  • Master time and energy management so that you can get more done with less effort
  • Balance your feminine and masculine energy at work to reduce job related stress and burnout
  • Define and plan for a lifestyle that works for you and your family

Life’s too short to waste a minute on something that isn’t making your heart sing. Connect with and express your talent and Be Fulfilled.

… and of course you will meet a new sisterhood of women committed to your full growth and abundance. The connections you form here can become friendships for a lifetime.

Your high-level leadership workshop is designed to help you achieve clarity, confidence, effectiveness a leader, and provide you with networking, integration, and the opportunity to receive tailored coaching and mentoring around your individual needs.

To prepare for the training

  1. Do your Talent Dynamics Profile.  If you have not yet received a token for this, please email the office and we will arrange this.
  2. Fill in the survey here of your current career efforts to prepare you for the retreat.
  3. This is not essential, but I highly recommend reading “Ready to be a Thought Leader” by Denise Brousseau. It’s a great introduction into true thought leadership which we will be discussing at the event.
  4. Gather the 10 most powerful statements, letters, testimonials or thank yous that your clients, co-workers or the media have ever given you.
  5. Go through (yes really) your entire contact database (include social media contacts) and write a list of 25-50 people who could help you take your career to the next level. Bring this to the retreat. You won’t have to share it but it will be useful for a powerful session.

What you should bring

In regards to training materials, please bring:

  1. Your usual morning writing notebook to keep this habit going while you’re away.  While we will provide you with a manual at the event, you may wish to take additional notes in your own notebook.
  2. A print out of your Talent Dynamics profile.
  3. Your 10 powerful statements and 25-50 contacts (as per “Preparation” above)

The room will be well air-conditioned and training rooms are always either too hot or too cold- so make sure you dress in layers and bring at least one jacket so you are comfortable. Each day there will be catered morning and afternoon tea breaks and lunch will be provided.

We highly recommend that you bring any other necessary foods and liquids to keep you refreshed and well hydrated throughout the day. The nearest shops are around 10 minutes drive in Stratford-on-Avon, although purchases can be made at the bar and restaurants.

There is a lovely pool, sauna and steam room, so bring your bathers. We highly recommend coming early to make the most of the country air and facilities, and if you're up for it we'll be doing morning walks.

Logistical Information

The retreat runs Friday the 11th to Saturday the 12th of October, 2024

Friday 11th October, 2024:
(Registration from 8:30am) 9-7pm

Saturday 12th October, 2024:

Leadership Day is on Sunday 13th October, 2024.

Time: 9am start till approx 6pm.

Included for you are:

  • Friday – Morning tea, Buffet Lunch, Afternoon Tea.
  • Saturday – Morning tea, Buffet Lunch, Afternoon Tea.

You are responsible for your own accommodation. Please contact the hotel direct or check online. There is a variety of accommodation locally.

**Important: Optional Primer Evening **

If you are able to, we highly recommend joining us on the Thursday evening before for our Retreat Primer. This is an optional session which primes your unconscious mind for the event, so that the work will go deeper. If you can’t make it, you won’t miss any content (so mother’s of young children, fret not!)… But if you can make it, it will make the event even more profound.

Retreat Primer Evening details:

7pm registration for 7:30pm start
finish around 9:30pm

Wear comfortable clothes as we will be in a relaxed comfortable safe surrounding sharing what brings each of us to this retreat.


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Take time to yourself by exploring the facilities and enjoy the ultimate pampering experience with a relaxing treatment. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with an unforgettable break.



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The official postcode that gets you closest to the hotel is  CV37 0PY.

RESERVATIONS: 01789 731173

Activities: Our trainings are quite busy and filled with a variety of activities. You may want to arrive early or stay after the training for a few days to take advantage of the lovely hotel and facilities, what Stratford-Upon-Avon has to offer and to give yourself some time to digest all the learnings.

In closing...


If there is anything else that we can do to be of service, please call our office on 0203 355 6639 or email [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you at the BeFulfilled Retreat.

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