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10:00AM – 12:00PM LONDON TIME

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Step #3: Join the Activate group

Come and meet thousands of other women from around the world who have been taking part in our Activate 2024 challenge this week.  Even if you haven’t taken part in the activities thus far, you’re so welcome to come in and say hi – and check out the resources there if you’d like.


Step #4: Share the experience - and win coaching for you and a friend!

We believe in the power of connection, collaboration and community.
When women find a good thing - we share it.

And we’re saying thank you for sharing what you believe in with a fun competition. This nifty tech gizmo allows us to give you POINTS for sharing. Use your unique link to share on social media, into your FB groups, or in an email to your colleagues.  At the end of the challenge, we’ll total up all the points you’ve scored. And the woman with the most will win two a group VIP mastermind day with me valued at £1,000.

That’s one for you, and one for someone you shared with!  

So, help us in achieving our mission to equip a million women with these tools, and make someone’s day… take 2 minutes to let someone else know about the support she can find with ACTIVATE 2024. And maybe win you both a life-changing prize. 🙂

Check out these brilliant prizes you could win

1st prize is a VIP mastermind day with me and some of our current members.  You can bring any challenge or opportunity you’re working on and get profound insights and strategies to step up to your next level.  If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to get mentoring, input and insight from me and a group of extraordinary women- this is it. (Value £1000)

2nd prize is two annual memberships to Living the Change… one for you, and one for a friend you invited into ACTIVATE!  Living the Change is our incredible online coaching programme accessible all over the world. In it you receive full access to all our transformational tools and resources and  unlimited group coaching! You’ll also be invited to powerful monthly workshops. You and your friend will love this opportunity to share together.  (Value £888)

If you miss out on the two memberships, don’t worry!  3rd prize is a single annual membership to Living the Change valued at £444.  So get busy sharing- there’s more chances to win!

4th prize is a helpful online training called “Gravitas: how to be seen and heard” and if you know you need to step up and stand out… this is for you.  If you want to be noticed for the promotion, if you want to sway the team’s opinions, if you want your message to be noticed across the melee of social media noise out there… this is going to give you what you need!  (Value £147)

5th prize is our powerful mini-training called “Overcoming the Martyr Habit”.  If you know you have a habit of putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own, this newly updated online training and workbook is going to change your perspective completely.  (Value £97)